Sur-reel Saturdaze

Sur-reel Saturdaze is a trip into the bizarre realm of films that experiment with the reality of human experience. Rather than attempt to depict real life in an exact way, surreal cinema uses the creative possibilities of filmmaking to capture the thoughts and feelings of what it means to be human. Sometimes, these films even go beyond the human realm altogether. So, come join us on this weird journey! It might just blow your mind.


About the Programmer: Étienne Fillion-Sauvé is an educator with a passion for nature, film, and culture. He has a BA in film studies and anthropology, as well as a bachelor of secondary education, both from the University of Alberta. After working as a heritage presenter at Elk Island National Park, Étienne is now teaching high school in Red Deer. He has also written film reviews for The Gateway and Film Matters. In addition to surreal cinema, he loves autobiographical films, cult films, and New Hollywood.