Accessibility Info

Transparency Statement

Improving the accessibility in the Garneau Theatre has been an ongoing project and we thank you for your patience while we continue to find solutions to remove barriers in the space. Unfortunately, we do continue to face a variety of structural challenges to adapting a historic building to make it more accessible. While we have explored the possibility of adding lifts and ramps as an alternative to our stairs that would provide greater access from the auditorium to the lobby and vice-versa, these efforts have proved unfeasible, requiring us to continue searching for a better solution. Additionally, there are significant financial constraints that we must navigate as a non-profit and charitable organization renting the space rather than owning it outright. However, we would like to stress that accessibility is a major and ongoing concern for our organization—one that we are committed to—and that while we have made significant improvements over the years, we recognize that our work is not yet done.


Wheelchair and Mobility Access
Please note that the very old Garneau Theatre has limited accessibility for those with mobility issues. The two washroom with stalls cannot accommodate a wheelchair.  We do however have a third fully-accessible single-room washroom that can accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids. There is also the issue of steps separating the lobby and washroom area from the auditorium and from the street.


It is possible to get into the auditorium via ramp from an emergency exit through the alley on the north side of the building, which we know is not ideal. We encourage you to contact us in advance to discuss ways to mitigate barriers to a visit.




Pictured below  is our current up-to-date seating chart which lists measurements for each seat in the auditorium for the balcony and the floor. The traditional theatre seats have fixed armrests on either side. The additional seating that is mentioned, but not pictured, are armless chairs and are usually set up on the left of the main floor behind the back row of traditional theatre seating. If they are not already set up they can be requested.


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Hearing Access
Metro Cinema now offers the Williams Sound Assistive Listening System for patrons who prefer enhanced listening. The assisted listening system is available for use at all film screenings, but is not equipped for live music, speaking events, lectures, live theatre, or introductions.


If you would like to use the system, you may request a receiver, and either headphones or a t-coil neckloop, from Metro’s box office. We have four units available to be signed out.



Closed Captioning Devices


Metro Cinema has recently acquired a few individual closed captioning devices that you are able to set up to use alongside some of the screenings, for those who wish to read along with the film dialogue. Not all of our films come to us with closed captioning abilities, but it will be noted in the description of the films that have it available, and we will have a list at the box office.


How to use (click to enlarge):

  • Dolby 1 copy 2
  • Dolby 2
  • Dolby 3
  • Dolby 4
  • Dolby 5
  • Dolby 6


Closed Captioned Compatible Movies



Subtitled Screenings
The films listed below are screening presented with subtitles, primarily as they are foreign language films.