Slowed Down Sundays

Slowed Down Sundays is a program which aims to highlight some of the finest works from the art cinema genre colloquially known as “slow cinema.” This program seeks to provide a sampler’s pack of high quality arthouse cinema. Ultimately, Slowed Down Sundays offers the curious and adventurous moviegoer the ability to expand their horizons and broaden their tastes.


About the programmer: At one point, Thomas Wishloff could swim a seventeen minute mile. Now, he spends his days answering the question “Mr. Wishloff, how long should this essay be?” ad nauseum. He believes deeply in the idea that it is, in fact, good to be curious, and he hopes that “Slowed Down Sundays” will foster that curiosity in others. Additionally, he’s the self-proclaimed world’s biggest fan of the seminal, teen, coming-of-age, mermaid classic Aquamarine.