Czechoslovak New Wave

The Czechoslovak New Wave series aims to introduce viewers to the important cinematic movement of the 1960s in what was then Czechoslovakia (now Czechia and Slovakia). Its existence was made possible by the temporary loosening of the communist regime, which proved to be very short-lived, as many of these films were banned after 1968. The movement follows the French New Wave, but focuses on stronger narrative as opposed to pure experimentation. Metro Cinema audiences have already had the opportunity to see Daisies, the internationally best-known film of this movement by Věra Chytilová.


About the Programmer: Markéta Jakešová is a temporary resident of Edmonton from Prague. She studied comparative literature and religious studies and completed her PhD in philosophy in Czechia and France. Markéta translates, writes within academia as well as outside of it. She volunteers for a Czech body positivity initiative and is involved in Edmonton Iranian community. Her free time is mostly spent cooking, running or cycling in the river valley and watching movies at the Metro Cinema.