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METRO GALLERY: Karl Paltunnil’s Apology To You

The featured exhibit runs December 1-31, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Artist Reception: December 17 @ 5PM


Artist Statement:

My name is Jason Dublanko, and I create experimental painting and collage in the city of Edmonton. I like art that is innocent and unpretentious, deeply personal, and striking in colour and form. I sometimes use found objects such as wood boards or shelves and apply acrylic paint, drawn doodles, and ripped pages of writing with glue. I try not to spend any money on art supplies. My process is playful and unsure, loosely based on principles of young imagination, stream of conscious thought, luck, and deformed instinct. I think my role as an artist is a manic need to obsessively construct a private and personal vision and make it public, subverting any and all static and unapologetic norms.


Karl Paltunnil’s: Apology to You is a therapeutic experiment in spontaneity, and a constrained use of limited time and limited resources. This work has mostly been done in the last three weeks of November (2022), and has felt like a battle I can almost win. I still have nine days left upon writing this – and I hope to complete the six abstract paintings I am including in the show. I will display them even if they are a disaster. I thank you for listening to my story, and I hope you enjoy my art 🙂