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METRO GALLERY: Benevolent Allowing

The featured exhibit runs January 1 – 31, 2024 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: January 4 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Shelley Paley


Artist Statement:

Definition Benevolent: Kindness and open-heartedness curiosity in Allowing: opportunity to wholistic embody self-acceptance and self-awareness in each of one’s experiences This art exhibit depicts one human’s personal creative development of benevolent allowing of self to reframe and heal family of origin relationships. The artist is using the spiritual medicine of nature in our urban river valley for grounding and self-regulation and as a safe therapeutic space for temporary eco-art installations. Using art in therapy as a vehicle to explore things relational dynamics that are alive in the present moment through spontaneous artmaking and specifically offered art therapy experientials to explore one’s subconscious knowing that surfaces within the relationship with a professional art therapist. These art images are visual processes exploring the use of temporary eco-art installations in our Edmonton River valley for redevelopment of embodied self-compassion and self-appreciation.


Shelley Paley (she/they) is an Edmontonian who has worked as a teacher and art specialist with K-12 children for the past fifteen years. She is passionate about the varied ways we as humans use art to make and reform meaning throughout our lives. Shelley is drawn to creative collaboration with others including in the classroom, and in group art therapy invitations. She is responsive to each of her art therapy client’s current needs. Shelley has personally leaned into art processes, and she has experienced healing through art therapy. Within her worldview of everything is sacred or nothing is sacred, Shelley continues to develop her professional art therapy practice as a second-year art therapy student at Kutenai Art Therapy Institute.