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METRO GALLERY: Affinity For Fiction

The featured exhibit runs November 1 – 30, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: November 8  at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Sarah C Louise


Artist Statement:

Characters are the greatest teachers. Through their mistakes and perspectives we are able to journey through unlived experiences. This show, Affinity for Fiction, is a tribute to characters instrumental in the experience of the artist. The show highlights some especially iconic characters, some of which Sarah fell in love with in this very theatre!


Sarah C Louise is an Edmonton-born creative. An English Teacher by profession, Sarah has an enduring fondness for characters. She began painting because her grandparents were gifted oil painters. Any sort of creation by Sarah is, in some way, centered around story, whether it is a script for a Fringe show, musical compositions, or a series of portraits. Her eminent muses are her beautiful creatures: Wicket, Hubble (stunning kitties, both), and her puppy Poe.