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Metro Cinema Presents… Close-Up – Episode 15 – March 2020

A monthly roundup of films and events coming soon to the historic Metro Cinema in Edmonton, Alberta. As well as an overall look at the calendar for March with some of our regular contributors – Owen Armstrong, Heather Noel, Talicia Dutchin, Nick Keating, & William Latham. This episode also features interviews with Bring On The Extra – Terrestrials curator Professor Robert Smith, Cardboard Carnage curator Ryn Climenhaga, and proprietor of The Lobby DVD Shop and curator of The Lobby Presents…, Kevin Martin.

Throughout the episode, you’ll also hear music from local artists Mark Templeton, Soft Ions, excerpts from Leonard J. Paul’s excellent procedural film score to Beep – A Documentary History Of Game Sound, and also Brighton’s Mighty Lord Deathman. Follow the links below to hear more, and enjoy!