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Metro Cinema Original Poster Auction 2022

There are movie posters, and then there are Metro Cinema movie posters! Created by our team of dedicated, talented, and inspired volunteers, each poster used to showcase our upcoming programming is a one of a kind design worthy of being printed at theatrical scale and hung in a gallery to be admired by the masses.


And as it so happens, Metro Cinema is proud to present the opportunity to do just that…or something very close! As of Sunday August 28th at 3:30PM MST you will be able to bid on FOUR original high definition posters, sized at 24” x 36” and framed for your convenience to hang in a gallery of your own at home!


Bidding will end one day after September 9th’s Season Launch on September 10th at 12:00PM MST and all proceeds will be used as a part of our fundraising efforts for Metro’s upcoming season of programming.