Auction Designer Portfolios

The winner of the auction for the grand prize custom movie poster will be able to select from the following Metro Cinema Volunteers. Some designers are multidisciplinary artists and in those cases, the winner will be able to work with the designer to determine which of the designer’s styles they are interested in having the poster created in.


Jordan Carson

An Edmonton-based illustrator, designer, and web strategist, JC loves digging into a new project, especially if it means creating new alternative movie posters for Metro Cinema. When he isnโ€™t at the day job, parenting, or playing baseball, heโ€™s likely making something cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

Instagram: @_escape_artist




Lucas Paterson

Passionate about the power of visual communication, Lucas is a dedicated graphic designer with a keen eye for detail and a drive to create impactful designs. After an intensive education at Pixel Blue college, he has honed his skills in translating ideas into compelling visuals that captivate audiences. From logo design and branding to digital illustrations and print materials, Lucas strives to deliver innovative and visually stunning solutions tailored to meet his clients’ objectives. By combining creativity with a strong foundation in design principles and emerging trends, Lucas consistently produce work that communicates effectively and leaves a lasting impression. He’s ready to collaborate and bring your vision to life!





Matt Mendes

Matt Mendes has been creating posters for the Metro Cinema since 2018. His work is a combination of traditional and digital methods, with an emphasis on graphic design.

Instagram: @mpmendesart




Megan Simonson

Megan is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer here in Edmonton with a desire to tell and create stories through her art. Anything romantic, nostalgic, lush with nature, or especially dreamy tends to draw her in the most. She work mainly with gouache, pencil crayons, recently been getting more comfortable and confident with digital art, and has started dabbling in collage art as well.

Instagram: @contagiouspixie




Ryan O’Connor

Ryan O’Connor is a graphic artist and illustrator from Edmonton Alberta. His work often blends different styles including realism and pop art, resulting in bold and colourful pieces. Using a variety of mediums including anything from oil paint to colour pencils, Ryan continues to explore new ways to express his creativity.

Instagram: @ryoconnorartist